1. Shake Shake

From the recording Tendrils

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Shake Shake

Shake, Shake, can't you see

I gotta a one track mind and I wanna dance now

Shake Shake, can't you see

If you wanna come on over, I'll be waiting

Put my hair up, get my dress on,
bring the night on

Take me over to the club

Watch the lights spin

Don't go anywhere without me

get your car here, don't stop for flowers


Take my coat off, gotta go now

Don't be long

Rubbin' shoulders, it ain't over

Just look at me movin
Pushin' through them, get the grove on

I'm not payin' attention

Now you got me, 
this is all i wanna, wanna do tonight



Get the Mic, slow it down now

Slow it down
Sweep me around

I am drowned (in your ocean)
in this song

Are you intoxicated (I can't breathe)

Breathing the smoke you use in me (it brings clarity)
to make me see (that's money now)