The key to success!
The makings of a CD from song to paycheque- here are the steps many artists take in search of fame and fortune, becoming a big star... or any other delusions of grandeur.  
Music education, talent contests, songwriting, constructive criticism, copyrights, seminars, album concept, pre-production, instruments, equipment, demos, photos, business plan, recording grant/loan applications, studio engineer, producer, musicians, mixing, post production, mastering, graphic artist, liner notes and credits, proofs, glass master, printing, packaging, download cards, press releases, rejection letters, shipping, promotion, distribution, music stores, domain registration, website, hosting package, populate websites, webmaster, marketing, give aways, contracts, radio tracker, radio shows, royalty collection agency, booking agent, rehearsals, a van, source out manufacturers for merchandise, buy merchandise, travel plans, rider lists, props, set design, touring, you don't break even, lost or stolen gear, buy replacement gear, publisher, sign a great deal-yay!, you're a rock star!, manager, video concept, video grant/loan applications, director, cameraman, producer, storyboard, equipment rental, actors, props, staging, location permits, crew, post production, file conversion, press releases, marketing plan, post videos online, award applications, festivals, award shows, media, tv interviews, charities, start a company, upgrade to business accounts, entourage, paparazzi, critics, unsolicited advice, that great deal you signed really sucks now-ugh, broke and feel taken advantage of, your first royalty cheque 10 months after hitting radio- yay! it's 85 cents- you cry,  fan management, anger management, body guard, entertainment lawyer.

Your support and donations are much appreciated and help greatly toward the making of CDs as this list above costs tens of thousands of dollars that are all up front costs to an independent artist. I am dedicated to creating quality music that inspires happiness, peace and positive memories. Thank you so much for being on my musical team of dreams! 

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