Recording and performing artist "Brigitte" has been involved in music since the age of 3 when she started piano lessons with the royal conservatory of music and won her first song writing competition at age 6. She is a singer/songwriter/keyboardist who attended music college and several songwriting seminars. She composes and performs music in a wide range of genres- pop, AC, country, rock and orchestral instrumental. She has appeared on Nashville's Starseek, played main stage and hosted as a tv personality at the Merritt Mountain Music Fest, served as an adjudicator for the 2012, 2014 and 2017 Junos, and lent her talent on over 40 recording projects. Brigitte had three videos shot for a tv Christmas special. Two featuring her latest Christmas EP "Icicles", with Tracy Yost, and one with Mike Gouchie. She is in the midst of recording a solo relaxation CD, and a vocal CD. She wrote and recorded "I'm Not Lame Anymore" for web series "Fools for Hire" (Nominated best score and best comedy). Featured at HollyWeb Fest, LAWEBFEST, and Vancouver Webfest (official selections).

Studio Recordings

Mason Burns- Keyboard/Back up Vocals 2018

Brigitte "Barren" ballad single. Piano, programming, vocals. 2017

Kym Gouchie "Northern Shining Star Woman" CD Keyboards/Back up vocals/Extra percussion/Bamboo flute 2017

Kym Gouchie "In the Hearts of You and Me" Highway of Tears charity. Keyboards/Back up vocals 2017

"I'm Not Lame Anymore" written for "Fools for Hire" webisode (nominated: best score Vancouver Webfest 2017)

Brigitte & Tracy Yost "Icicles" Original 5 song Christmas EP 2014

Mike Gouchie
"Silent Night" Engineered, Keyboards/Back up vocals 2014

Leah West "O Holy Night" Engineered, Keyboards for cable tv special 2014

Leah West & Doug Brown "Jingle Bells", "Deck the Halls" Engineered/keyboard programming for cable tv special 2014

Kym Gouchie aboriginal grant recipient "Mountain of Youth" Piano/rhodes and back up vocals 2014. Single
"Sister Rain"Reached #1 on the top 40 National Aboriginal Countdown 

Leah West "In the Need" and French version "Dans Les Bras De L'Inconnu" (engineered, piano) 2012

Charlie & the Majic Boyz Recorded 3 song new classic rock demo (engineered and programmed drums, bass, organ, piano) 2011 

Redfish Keyboard track on single "In The City" 2010 

Barb Murphy Keyboards Classic Rock/Pop demo 2010 

Dan Rothery Keyboards/back up vocalist on "Regret" 2009 Song is on music video game "Rock Band" 

Denis LeClair Keyboards/ back up vocals 2007  

Raquel Warchol Pop keyboard demo 2006   

Sherri-Lynn Pop Arranging/keyboards 2006  
Darrel Delaronde & The Verge CD “Family Tree” Country-folk (keyboards)

Sleddogs Debut 2005 rootsy-folk-rock. (keyboards)

Brigitte “Tendrils” Fully produced original pop CD co-produced by Brigitte, Dan Rothery, Jeff Long. Keyboards, lead vocals, programming, arranging and minor percussion. 2004  

Dan Rothery “Accidental” Debut mainstream pop/rock CD “Accidental” 2004. 
Song “Someday” written by Brigitte. (Co-producer, keyboardist, back up vocalist, minor percussion)

Centrefire Band reached top 40 status in the US on first release; played keyboards on "Some kind of Lady".  

Entropy Debut CD 2000 (keyboards)   

John Noren Band "Freestyle" Compilation CD 1999, New Country/Rock (background vocals)   

Hidden Treasures Indie Pool compilation CD released for Music West 1998 Featured track "Smooth Love", from "His Devotion...Her Love"   
Melanie Dekker Demo 1998 (keyboards)  
Bowman/Brigitte "His Devotion...Her Love" Released 1997, Adult Contemporary (Collaboration in writing, performing, production, 12 songs) 

"Live at Rose's" Compilation CD released 1997 (keyboards, vocals for Wheelhouse)  
Wheelhouse Factor demos 1996/1997, Rock (keyboards, vocals, arrangement)  
Carol Hall Debut CD released 1996, Country/Adult Contemporary (arrangement, keyboards)   
Pisces Factor Alternative pop/rock debut (keyboard and back up vocals)  

Keri Crossley Debut CD released 1995, Country/Adult Contemporary (keyboards)   

"Celebrate the Seasons" Children's cassette released 1994 by Joan Corner (Lead vocals, 18 songs)  

"Can't Stop Believing" Brigitte and G. Hayman (Lead vocals and keyboards)   

"Okanagan Valley Girls" Compilation CD released 1994, Country/Adult Contemporary Original song 

"One Engine and a Prayer" (harmonies) 1991

Two For Tea (24T Duo) "The Book of Life" Original demo (keyboards, programming, vocals) 1991

Two For Tea (24T Duo) "Our Last Good-byes" Original demo (keyboards, programming, vocals) 1991




 ·  2014 Recorded and appeared in tv music video featuring original Christmas song "Icicles"
 ·  2014 Recorded and appeared in tv music video featuring original Christmas song "Our Favourite Time of Year"
 ·  2014 Recorded and appeared in tv music video with Mike Gouchie "Silent Night"
 ·   2014 Played keyboards/back up vocals for Aboriginal grant recipient Kym Gouchie's CD release, "Mountain of Youth"
   ·  2014 Served as a FACTOR juror
 ·  2014 Served as an adjudicator for the Canadian Juno Awards
 ·   2012 Played concert in Whitehorse, YT with Mike Gouchie
 ·   2012 Played showcase with Leah West in Montreal, QC
 ·   2012 Vocalist for product video shoot for Beachtek DXA-SLR PRO adapter on the Nikon D4 DSLR camera. 
 ·   2012 Served as an adjudicator for the Canadian Juno Awards
 ·   2012 TV spot - 3 song performance with Leah West
 ·   2011 Performed at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards with Mike Gouchie- Winner of Best Single and Best Album of the Year.
 ·   2010 to present- Play Keyboard/back up vocals for recording artist Leah West.
 ·   2010 Performed for Matthew Phoenix's CD release "Surface of the Moon" (keyboards, accordion and back up vocals)
 ·   2010 Performed  for "Helping Hands for Haiti" fundraiser- played piano for and sang with various artists and performed original song
 ·   2009 and 2010 Played keyboards for hobby vocalist group "Songbirds" 
 ·   2008 to present- Regularly attends local and international songwriting and music conferences such as TAXI Road Rallies, Breakout West, and Durango Songwriting Expos
 ·   2006 Showcased as keyboardist/back up singer for Dan Rothery in New Jersey USA along  with various touring to support “Accidental”
 ·   2005 Appeared (actress) in Leo award winning video (Best Director) “Accidental Kisses”
 ·   Model in hair show with original song played for runway
 ·   Guest host for series "Plugged In", covered Thunderfest and Merritt Mountain Music Festival 1998; interviewed Farmer's Daughter, Rick Tippe, Montana Sky, and Ache Brazil
 ·   Various appearances on local and provincial television for interviews, performances,  and charity functions
 ·   Record and perform throughout the province with Rick Zipp's "Wheelhouse Band" original/classic rock
 ·   Wrote and performed custom songs for weddings and church occasions 
 ·   Recorded video on cable TV December 1995, original Christmas song
 ·   Appeared on pepper spray commercial (actress)
 ·   Toured and performed with several bands and college bands from pop, rock, funk and top 40 to country
 ·   Performed on Nashville Starseek/Video Starseek satellite TV show September 1995, sang original song Shadowlight; evaluated (quote from producer of the year, Robert Metzgar) "Artist is one the most commercial songwriters and singers that I've ever seen.  Without a doubt, she is as talented as they come...5-star commercial sound...this artist has 'hit record' written all over her future!"
 ·   Played keyboards for Juno nominated The Cruzeros and Rachel Matkin at Merrit Mountain Music Festival 1995 
 ·   Performed keyboards in an opening act and also sang background vocals for Canadian talent Shari Ulrich 1994.