1. Galaxy

From the recording Tendrils

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Galaxy Brigitte

Cry in the river

Don’t drink the water

Come to me

We comfort the ground

Highly attracted


Harmony Queen

A fusion takes place

Drape a piece of your skin onto my own

Graft your Angel onto me

So that I may have you

Twist away all the tendrils you once grew for me

Feeling every ounce of me

All the days I’ve tied no more

Treasure the gem 

You gave to me

Stuck in the box

We want to look in

Body deliquescing

Into yours

Give me the umbrella

My blood fills the cup

Stung by light were my eyes when I first read your words

Then you shadowed over me

And the fantasy began

Parallels drawn to make us see the straighter lines

For you’ve taken me so far from here

Our own Galaxy, perhaps, perhaps

Leather on the handle

Take the grip

Strike at the one who 
Hides from himself

On recollection

Time to play

Turn in the grass

You hear me breathing

Lover’s hold in an ancient time we’ve known before

Where your gallantry survives

And it overtakes our lives

Silence feeds on the passions many left behind

So we carry through this dream

At last, I feel the beating of my own heart

Stand on the Sphinx

You’re past the mind

Capture the realm

We never let go

Tarnished thoughts where the silver lining came undone

Gave us many things to weigh

So heavy in disguise

(Raining threads of flowers)

Spiral dance of the tulips trying to open wide

Oh they’re spinning to the sun

To our own Galaxy, perhaps, perhaps,

Liquid Galaxy, perhaps, perhaps

Passion, it’s so green

Taste it, it’s so green